DIY assembly kits are where we differ from other Aquatic Shop Fitting suppliers. We will supply pre-cut, self assembly units for the budget conscious operator. The Kits are supplied without aquariums, filtration, lighting or heating to allow the end user to use their own systems. Of course we have developed these systems, and have successfully used them in previous installations, that can be supplied and adapted if required.

Our Standard kits come in 2 Tier, 3 Tier or 4 Tier styles. They are designed to take one 48.5″ Long x 17″ Wide aquarium per tier. Of course each aquarium or vivarium can be divided to suit the application. Overall, height is between 2515 – 2560 mm high (adjustable foot), length 51″ and width 17.5″.

Kits come as Starter units or extension units. Starter units have two pairs of legs, two for each end. Extension units with one pair of legs can be used to extend onwards from a starter unit.

Custom sizes can also be supplied, as can stands without flaps and trim for applications where these would be superfluous.

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Multitier Aquarium Systems DIY Kits on display @ Interzoo 2014

Multitier Aquarium Systems DIY Kits on display @ Interzoo 2014